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Oval samples used by other artists

  • Björk's song "Unison" on the album "Vespertine" contains a sample from Aero Deck
  • Madonna: ? [2]

ovalprocess, the software

  • Images: [3]
  • Process v0.1 was programmed by Richard Ross in Macromedia Director with a screen design by Sebastian Oschatz [4]
  • There have been presentations of the software, e.g. at SOUNDXCHANGE-Soundforum 2002 in Berlin (November 29th 2002)

If anybody knows more about the software (how it works, and especially how to get it) please write!

The installation








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"Ich finde es erstaunlich, dass viele Leute Musik wie Pan Sonic oder auch Oval als komplett 'entmenschlicht' empfinden und die Leidenschaft, den Soul nicht wahrnehmen, weil sie es wahrscheinlich nicht an sich heranlassen können oder, aufgrund von Zivilisations/ Informations-Overload, einfach eine veränderte Sensibilisierung haben, die immer zuerst über die 'Ratio' geht?!? Ich empfinde Musik wie z.B. 99% der Charts als komplett entmenschlicht." --Schneider TM

"Das Oval-Konzept soll zur Public Domain erklärt und frei zugänglich werden. Das bin ich diesem Kontext schuldig." --Markus Popp

"Despite, or rather because of, this technology's reliance on "traditional music syntax and semantics", Oval deliberately use the set-up, because their real interest is in standardisation. Their first Mille Plateaux release Systemisch, explains Sebastian Oschatz, "was done with a very cheap MIDI set-up and a borrowed copy of Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol II." This later turns out to be an Oval in-joke; apparently, Richard James is one of many artists who have claimed that Systemisch was based on their material. "That album is composed of material that is really old, and it got edited, layered and recombined so many times, it's stupid to ask whose music is this?" says Popp. "That is the only truly negligible aspect in our music. Most of the CDs we used were rented, and often they didn't have their covers!"" [7]

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